Policies and Procedures

Families who RSVP for our events or service projects must familiarize themselves with each particular posting’s specific requirements and the policies and procedures listed on this page.

What I Need to Know Before I Sign Up

Are field trips or classes refundable? No. Our paid field trips and classes are not refundable. Families assume all risk of losing money in the event they are unable to attend. Our field trip coordinators, hosts and teachers cannot absorb the cost of refunds for no-shows. The only condition under which a field trip or class could become refundable is if the host (museum, theater, teacher, tourist attraction, etc.) is the one to initiate the cancellation.

What if I’ve signed up but discover ahead of time I can’t make it? If you know ahead of time that you cannot meet your obligation, you may find others to take your place (free events) or sell your tickets or spot in the class to another family (paid events). Failure to do either of these will result in being flagged a “no show.”

What can I expect if I no-show? No-shows make homeschoolers look bad and cause others to miss out on events. A dependable, trustworthy family who meets their commitments or finds a replacement will never be bumped by a family who has a history of no-shows. No-shows should expect to be put at the end of the line for future events.

What happens to my money if I no-show and don’t send another family in my place? Our preferred course of action is to donate your money to the host (museum, theater, teacher, tourist attraction, etc.) just as if you had attended. If this is not possible, we will hold a random drawing among those present for on-the-spot scholarships. NGCHE volunteers do not pocket the money.

Why do some events have age restrictions? Most of the time, age restrictions come at the request of the host. They serve as guidelines for parents regarding the suitability of the subject matter or experience. A bored child is a disruptive child. Please respect the guidelines for each event when deciding whether or not to attend.

What’s your behavior policy? In a nutshell… be respectful. We don’t do a “three strikes and you’re out.” One bad experience is enough to result in being asked to leave an event and being removed from any and all future events with Northern Gulf Coast Home Educators.

We hold students AND their parents to high standards of good behavior. Arrive on time. Proper grooming and clean attire is a must. Do not talk, walk around, or cause disruption while the host is talking. Silence your cell phones. Supervise your children. A good rule of thumb for parents is to be models of appropriate, attentive, respectful behavior.

(If your child has a diagnosed disability that requires accommodation, please bring it to the attention of a coordinator before the day of the event.)


How to Sign Up for an Event or Service Project
Step 1: Email homeschoolfieldtrips@outlook.com. Give the following information:

A. Name and date of field trip, class, or service project for which you are registering
B. Total number in your party, broken down by adults, students, & preschoolers
C. Your phone number and email address (if different from the one used to sign up)

Step 2: Receive a follow-up email.

A. If the event is a free event, you will receive a reply acknowledging your registration for the event.
B. If the event is a pay event, you will receive a reply with payment instructions. Registration for paid events is not complete until payment is received and credited. Be sure you are committed to go before you pay. Field trip and class money is not refundable.

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