Below is a list of questions commonly asked of us at NGCHE. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

What is Northern Gulf Coast Home Educators?
Northern Gulf Coast Home Educators (NGCHE) is a support network for all home educating families in the Deep South. We are behind-the-scenes volunteers who care deeply about home education. We share useful information, activities, and encourage homeschool families through our website.

How do I contact NGCHE?
Email NorthernGulfCoastHomeEducators@outlook.com or homeschoolfieldtrips@outlook.com. Message us through our Facebook page.

How do I sign up for field trips or other events?
Send an email to homeschoolfieldtrips@outlook.com. Sign-up instructions are here.

Do you have a conduct policy?
Yes! We take conduct on our field trips very seriously. Misbehaving on a field trip is one thing that will make our coordinators quite “grumpy!” Our Policies and Procedures page goes over our field trip rules in more detail. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with it to avoid any misunderstandings about what is expected of all of us.

What does it cost to join?
Not a thing! NGCHE is not a club. We do not require memberships or charge for access to any of our information. Our volunteers donate their time and talents to maintaining the website and organizing events. All money collected for a field trip, class, or other event goes directly toward admission costs or other expenses for that event.

How can I receive updates from NGCHE?

May I share your information?

Absolutely! Our activities and events are open to anyone who may be interested.

Does NGCHE have a religious affiliation?
Our founders are Christians, meaning we have a worldview centered on Christ and the gospel. We hope this is evident in our being relational, welcoming, and honest. Our faith calls us to acts of kindness and hospitality to all. Everyone is genuinely welcome at our events.

What is your target group?
We do not have a target group per se as our activities are open to anyone who wishes to participate. That being said, we sincerely hope that those families in need of support or fellowship will find a warm welcome at NGCHE.

  • New to the area or to homeschooling
  • Out of town covering or none at all
  • Haven’t found a good fit in any of the traditional social groups
  • Need a break after a bad experience but don’t want your kids to miss out

Been there… Done that… Really! We get it.

What makes NGCHE unique?

Our Format. Our Goals. Our Vision.
NGCHE is unique in its open mindset. We want to make it easy for homeschool families and our communities to interact with us, share our information, and participate in our activities. Rather than operate through members-only forums or closed facebook groups, we share our articles and events on our blog and facebook page.

As NGCHE grows, we move forward with particular goals in mind.

  • Share: pass on information, activities, opportunities freely to others
  • Support: assist, encourage, fellowship with Gulf Coast homeschool families
  • Learn: grow in knowledge, wisdom, and grace; help others do the same
  • Engage: connect with local communities through outreach and service

NGCHE’s vision is to influence positive change in the way homeschool families engage with our communities. Much of what we do as home educators is still a mystery to the general public and to those new to homeschooling. As a result, myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes persist. NGCHE hopes to use our open format and guests-are-welcome policy to change that.

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