2018 – Off and Running

Happy New Year, home-educating families and friends!

End of Year Collage 2017

NGCHE got off to a fantastic start in the fall of 2017. We attended shows put on by two student theater groups, volunteered in the garden at an urban teaching farm, learned a ton at the Mobile Medical Museum, said “Thank You” to the veterans at a Baldwin County nursing home, and were the first homeschool group to tour the Airbus Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama. Not bad for our first four months! We made many new friends in our community and are excited for what’s to come.

Our volunteers took a much-needed break over the last half of December and have hit the ground running. We are expecting a fabulous year in 2018. We don’t want to spill the beans until all the details are worked out, but here are a few things you can expect this year.

Field Trips: Several field trips are currently in the works for sites in and around Mobile, Gulf Shores, and Pensacola. As always, our field trips are open to any homeschool family regardless of where you live. We sometimes have donors who make scholarships available to certain of our field trips. If your student needs one, please ask.

Community Service: NGCHE will be working with select agencies and volunteers from the Mobile – Baldwin area to beta test a community service program that matches homeschool students and their families with projects and special needs that arise in our community.

Classes: Nature Connect Alabama is partnering with us to offer a nature skills class for elementary students in February. Details will be posted very soon. We are also entering into negotiations with several parties which we hope will result in quality high school science instruction with scholarships for low income families. Send your prayers and good thoughts for this one. We will post updates as they become available.

Information: NGCHE was asked late last year by staff from the Mobile County District Attorney’s office to assist with information regarding local coverings. We love to share information about homeschooling with the general public. We are happy to make additions to our website that will help Gulf Coast officials and those doing research on homeschooling in our area. We look forward to input from our friends and followers on this project.

Graduation: Our first community homeschool graduation ceremony will take place in May at Robertsdale Church of the Nazarene in Baldwin County, Alabama. Pastor Melissa Aaron has indicated a willingness to offer this ceremony next year as well for homeschool families who do not use a covering or whose covering is out of town. We love and appreciate our friends at Robertsdale Naz!

Meetings and Special Events: We are working towards regular quarterly meetings for all homeschoolers; support groups for homeschool parents who are disabled or widowed; quarterly activities just for parents and grandparents. We are very excited about a new event coming in August, but we’re sworn to secrecy and would have to enter the witness protection program if we spilled the beans on this one!

Articles: One of our volunteers is working on a blog series entitled “Homeschooling: The Dark Side.” This won’t be your typical feel-good, warm-and-fuzzy series, but we hope we can all learn some valuable lessons from it. Homeschool parents will share real-life experiences and honest opinions about the times things didn’t turn out as planned. The series will tackle topics such as field trips, co-ops, curricula, printables, and more.

These are just some of the offerings and projects we’re working on at NGCHE this year. Drop us an email if you have any questions. Keep your eye on our website and facebook page for details. And don’t forget to share us with your friends. We look forward to this new year together.

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Week in Review

Week of Oct 16 in Review

This was a SUPER busy week for the folks at NGCHE! It began with visits to Victory Teaching Farm in Midtown on both Monday and Wednesday. Work has just begun to make the garden handicapped-accessible, and word has it that the farm is looking to add chickens as well.

Volunteers attended Victory’s Third Annual Farmraiser and were absolutely amazed at the delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs using locally grown and raised food. Some of the vegetables came straight out of the garden on site. Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe prepared satsuma ice cream that would knock your socks off!

Victory Teaching Farm is a wonderful community service opportunity for homeschool students. Volunteers are needed in the morning hours. Staff typically complete outdoor work by midday, though helpers are free to come and go as their schedule permits. All ages are welcome.

Our October graduation meeting was held at Skyline Bowling Lanes in Mobile. Moms talked details about ordering caps and gowns, diplomas, invitations, etc. The next graduation meeting will be held on Nov. 14 at Newk’s on Satchel Paige Drive in Mobile. Pastor Melissa Aaron of Robertsdale Church of the Nazarene, our host for graduation, will join us. If you are interested in taking part in the Mobile/Baldwin Community Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2018, make plans to attend a monthly meeting. Enrollment will close several months in advance of graduation.

We wrapped up the week with The Conclusion of Edgar Allan Poe at Playhouse in the Park. The show featured excerpts from The Telltale Heart, The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether, King Pest, and The Cask of Amontillado. The performance was excellent all the way around — acting, costumes, and props. We were amazed by the special effects as Fortunato was entombed brick by brick in The Cask.

In King Pest, we encountered Legs and Hugh Tarpaulin patronizing a London ale house.

“They were eyeing, from behind a huge flagon of unpaid-for ‘humming-stuff,’ the portentous words, ‘No Chalk,’ which to their indignation and astonishment were scored over the doorway by means of that very mineral whose presence they purported to deny.”

Some of our audience members, parents and students alike, were a bit puzzled as to the meaning of the phrase ‘No Chalk.’ Poe, being a master of the absurd, turned the figure of speech into a literal event that drove the story to its conclusion, and he gave his audience a bit of irony to boot. ‘No Chalk‘ which literally means ‘No Credit‘ was scrawled on a sign in… you guessed it… chalk.

Coming up next week on the blog:

Learn more about Nature Connect, a new program for area children and families.

Find useful tips for sharing information effectively on social media.

Get a sneak peak on more field trips and fun events we’re working on for fall and early winter, including announcements for upcoming Victory Teaching Farm workdays.

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AMF Pinsiders Loyalty Club

bowling-237905_1920Homeschool families need a break every now and then. Bowling is a popular pastime, and many frugal families take advantage of their favorite alley’s coupons and discounts. If you bowl at an AMF lanes location, check out their newest promotion — AMF Pinsiders Loyalty Club.

Just for signing up with Pinsiders, bowlers will receive exclusive invites, coupons, and promotions, including $20 off your next visit ($5 off per person, up to 4 people). That might come in handy for those joining us for our October Graduation Meeting at Skyline Lanes on October 19th! Visit the AMF website for full details and enjoy a discount on bowling regardless of where you live.

The “Fine Print”: You must select a specific bowling alley as your preferred location when joining Pinsiders. Your coupons and offers will be redeemable for that specified location only. See the AMF website for complete info.

More “Fine Print”: NGCHE is not compensated in any way for sharing this information. We do so because we love our readers!

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Mobile/Baldwin Community Homeschool Graduation: Class of 2018

2018 Graduation
Class of 2018
Mobile/Baldwin Community Homeschool Graduation

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 2 PM
Robertsdale Church of the Nazarene
Host: Pastor Melissa Aaron, Senior Pastor
Organizer: Heather L. Weatherspoon, NGCHE

The Mobile/Baldwin Community Homeschool Graduation for the Class of 2018 will be held Thursday, May 17 at 2 PM. The ceremony will take place at Robertsdale Church of the Nazarene in Baldwin County. Rev. Melissa Aaron is graciously donating her time and the use of the church as a ministry to the homeschool community.

There is no direct charge for students to participate. However, cap and gown will be required. The spirit of individualism is a hallmark of the homeschool movement. In keeping with this spirit, each graduate is free to choose his or her own cap and gown colors. Parents may also wish to order diplomas to present to their students during the ceremony.

Any 2018 homeschool graduate from Southwest Alabama or the surrounding area is welcome. Do you use an out of town covering and need a local graduation ceremony? Do you homeschool without a covering? Is your student the only graduating senior in his or her covering and bashful about “walking” alone? All are welcome to join us!

Email NorthernGulfCoastHomeEducators@outlook.com with questions or to reserve a place in the ceremony. Interested families are also invited to attend an upcoming graduation meeting (see below).

October Meeting: Talking Nuts & Bolts… and Bowling

10/19/17 – 10 AM – Skyline Bowling Lanes, 4120 Government Blvd, Mobile. Topics of discussion will include ordering caps & gowns, diplomas, invitations. While moms talk shop, graduates and their siblings can bowl if they choose. Event is Dutch treat and should be over by 11:30 AM.

November Meeting: Lunch with the Pastor

11/14/17 – 12:00 PM – Newk’s Eatery, McGowin Park Shopping Center, Mobile. 1335 Satchel Paige Drive Suite C-106, Mobile, AL 36606. Join us for lunch with Pastor Melissa Aaron of Robertsdale Church of the Nazarene, our gracious host for graduation.

March Meeting: Ordering Cap & Gown and Diplomas

3/14/17 – 11:00 AM – West Mobile near Hillcrest Rd. & Three Notch. Email us for exact address and directions. Graduates are free to pick their own cap and gown colors.  In addition, parents may custom order the diploma of their choosing and design their own graduation invitations. Join us in the home of an NGCHE host family as we take an up-close look at our options.

April Meeting: The Home Stretch

4/24/18 – 10 :00 AM – 22024 Cedar Street, Robertsdale, Alabama, 36567. Join us at Robertsdale Church of the Nazarene as we discuss the details of the ceremony and reception with Rev. Melissa Aaron and make decorating plans. This will be the last opportunity for community members to reserve a spot in the ceremony. Enrollment closes after the April meeting.

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