Back to normal…whatever that is

I hesitate to say that things are back to normal in our household because I’m not quite sure just what “normal” is.  At any rate, the disruption caused by Hurricane Isaac is over, and Labor Day has arrived.  As usual we don’t have big plans for this end of summer holiday.

Labor Day jam session

Kat enjoyed a morning jam session at Brewer Music Studios.  Starting later in the month, her sessions will be taped.  She’s been working on several songs, and I can hardly wait until we get to hear them!  Ms. Lynn Brewer is the awesomest teacher!  🙂

Sam’s trying out a new BBQ rub, and I’m tickled to have a recipe for homemade sauce that doesn’t taste like ketchup mixed with dishwater.  I stumbled across it on the internet watching videos of Paula Deen.  The sauce is meant to be used on chicken, but I’ve had great success with it on pork chops, pulled pork, and in baked beans.  We’re trying it out on ribs today.  Here’s the link:

There’s not too much on the calendar for the first two weeks of September, which will help us get a good homeschool rhythm going.  For the short term Kathryn is preparing for a quizzing competition at Dadeville Church of the Nazarene this coming Saturday, September 8.  The following week gets a bit busier.  Co-op starts on September 13, followed by a field trip with our covering on the 14th and community service on the 15th.  This week we’ll get on the ball with several homeschool projects: geography fair presentation on Germany, journaling, and photography for the 4-H fair competitions.

Looking forward to resting for the remainder of the holiday and eating BBQ later.  Happy Labor Day everyone!